Hannah's Medical Aesthetics

When Hannah's Medical Aesthetics approached Futureproofs, the mission was unmistakable: craft an online presence mirroring the sophistication, expertise, and personalized touch of the clinic. Located in a competitive beauty hotspot like Newmarket, it was paramount that the digital representation stands out, not just in aesthetics but in discoverability.

Website's Organic Impression

The website had to serve as a digital foyer to Hannah's physical clinic. Each design element, interaction, and word needed to echo the clinic's core values. As with skin treatments, it's the imperceptible nuances that make all the difference, which became our mantra.

Confluence of Form and Function

Beyond aesthetics, we understood the website had to be a beacon for potential clients. This meant ensuring users not only marveled at the design but also navigated through the offerings with ease.

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Carving Hannah's digital narrative was a journey in itself. Through her rich background, dedication, and clinic's unique offerings, our design and development process had to encapsulate this essence seamlessly.

Digital Narration

Telling Hannah's story was pivotal. From her transformative journey as a nurse with a background in neurosurgery to a revered aesthetic medicine practitioner, this narrative became a cornerstone for the website, fostering an intimate bond with visitors.

Transitioning Brick-and-Mortar to Digital

It's one thing to visit a physical space and another to recreate that aura digitally. This transition demanded intricate brand understanding, its clientele, and the subtleties that make Hannah's Medical Aesthetics unparalleled.

What We Did

Hannah's Medical Aesthetics

Webflow Web Design & Development

In our digital overhaul for Hannah's Medical Aesthetics using Webflow, the priority was to mirror the clinic's real-world elegance and ethos.

Aesthetic treatments are about the experience as much as the outcome, and this guided our design approach. From crafting intuitive navigation to implementing sleek design elements and interactive features, we ensured every digital touchpoint was an extension of Hannah's in-clinic experience. Performance, responsiveness, and a seamless user journey were imperative, and with our Webflow expertise, Hannah's Medical Aesthetics now enjoys a digital presence as captivating as its brick-and-mortar counterpart.

SEO Package

In the heart of Newmarket, commanding an online footprint is essential.

Our comprehensive SEO strategy for Hannah's Medical Aesthetics was built on niche-specific keyword research, optimizing on-site elements, enhancing discoverability, crafting monthly content strategies, and cultivating quality backlinks. Local SEO practices positioned Hannah's clinic as a Newmarket mainstay. Through continuous performance analytics, we refine our strategy, ensuring Hannah's Medical Aesthetics is always at the forefront of aesthetic medicine searches.


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